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Move The Crowd provides rigorous entrepreneurial training for next-generation movers and shakers. We believe that your power lies in your uniqueness. That radical authenticity is the only road to success. That training yourself is just as important as trusting yourself.


We help you harness your values, creativity and passion to change the world—and get paid doing it! How? With our intensive Academy, knock-your-socks-off live events, tools, expert tips and an inspiring community of real people.

Our Academy

Rha Goddess

Your Very Own

Executive Coach

When you enroll in our Academy, you’ll be matched with a dedicated coach. For a whole year (or more if you re-enroll), you’ll have biweekly calls with your match-made-in-heaven strategic thought-partner, leadership coach, life coach and personal champion.
Leading Experts

Leading Experts

On Your Side

As a member of the Academy you’ll gain access to leading business experts. Through our intimate live and virtual events, you’ll get a global understanding of their discipline, tools and frameworks to immediately apply to your business, and on-the-spot counsel.

Choose Your

Own Adventure

What’s your reality today, and where do you want to go? Whether you’ve got a dream or a multi-million dollar venture, we’ll co-create your custom Academy curriculum to suit your unique needs and priorities. In fact, no two Academy experiences are alike!

Plus, an abundance of networking, fundraising support and community!

We’re Rallying 1 Million Conscious Entrepreneurs!

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Entrepreneurs Succeeding at Every Stage

Move The Crowd puts the word 'spirit' in the concept of entrepreneurial spirit.”
Gabby Bernstein Gabby Bernstein New York Times bestselling author, named a new thought leader by Oprah
The Academy gave me permission to dream big. My coach, the curriculum and the community all helped me build my work around my passion. They modeled it for me. Now, I do this work and it’s profitable. I do this work and I love it.”
6_Heather_B Heather Box Founder & CEO, Million Person Project
More than anything, the experience of the Academy has given me the opportunity to develop my own philosophy for doing business - in a way that honors sufficiency for me AND my community.”
Ilana "Invincible" Weaver Invincible/Ill Weaver Co-Founder & Principal, Emergence Media
If you're an entrepreneur with a socially minded business and brand, the Academy is a great investment for you to put down strong roots in building your passion and mission.”
AlisaVitti Alisa Vitti Founder of FLO Living
The Academy has had a major impact on my life. Learning how to be my whole self, honor my values and manage my financial bottom line has been an invaluable gift!"
Anasa Troutman Anasa Troutman Founder & CEO, Lion & Butterfly
Through the Academy I received an incredible amount of confidence in my venture, my leadership and in my vision for the world.”
Anurag Gupta Anurag Gupta Founder, OFREE
I would recommend the Academy to every entrepreneur. The work aligns the beauty of who you are and the uniqueness of your contribution. The process shows you how to be compensated for the value you bring, but in a way that feels true to your soul.”
Emily Tepper Emily Tepper Commissioned Artist and CEO, Buschwick Pilates
Ron Watters Ron Watters Detroit Future Media & Scide Design

Days Left to Apply

Registration Closes Friday, April 4, 2014


Now’s the time to lean into your dream.      Exactly! Let’s do this!