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2018 New Year’s Message

Go Within…...Open Your Heart…...Answer The Call….

LIVE Broadcast from our Meditation Event Series: Medipreneur™

2018 New Year’s Message

2018 New Year’s Message

Every year, we come together as an entrepreneurial community to set a context and intention for our year. Just as we at Move The Crowd work to support and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that lives in all of us – we also work to feed the entrepreneurial soul.


Go Within:

Isn’t just about disconnecting from the daily chaos
And it isn’t just about finding space to “think”
It’s about carving out room to LISTEN

There is a whole other world that exists beyond all the noise and chatter.
And in order to survive – with our sanity in tact, there’s an extra muscle we’re being
encouraged to build – one that will enable us to embrace greater calm amidst the storm

And BE- in touch with our own clarity, conviction and inspiration.

This year we get to learn how to listen…
This year we get to cultivate greater self love
awareness, understanding and compassion
Through the sacred practice of Silence

Go Within……

Open Your Heart:

Pain, hurt, anger, grief, fear, disappointment, anxiety and stress
These are the things that cause us to hunker down and shield ourselves

When bad things happen, we tell ourselves it’s only temporary….I’ll just shut down for these 5 minutes or these 5 months, just to get through this rough patch.

Then we go from someone who is closing down
To someone who is Being Closed
To someone who is Closed/Shut Down/Gone – and doesn’t even know it.

Our heart has infinite capacity to support what matters to us
It has an unlimited ability to aid us in having, being, and doing whatever we desire

It’s just got to be OPEN

And our ability to stay open – even when it goes sideways

Is one of the greatest forms of protest
And one of the greatest acts of love

This year, seek to discover more of what you are made of
Embrace the next level of adventure and self-actualization

Open Your Heart…

Niles Heron at Move The Crowd True Paid Good Summit 2018

Answer The Call:

Each of us is being called to something
No matter who you are
No matter where you are
No matter what you think you have or don’t have
There is something calling you

Maybe you’re being invited to care for the next level of your health and well being
Maybe you’re being encouraged to move that idea that won’t leave you alone.
Maybe it’s time you gave voice to something that has long been hidden but is now seeking the light of day.

Every single one of us in every moment – is called.
In big way and through tiny acts
The million dollar question is – are you going to answer?
And will you be obedient when you do?

Obedience is not about being manipulated or controlled
It’s about being fully surrendered to the things you say you want

Can you give yourself over to the deepest longings of your soul?

Answering the call is your opportunity to own:

That you Are guided
That you can trust yourself
That you are worthy of whatever is calling you

This year, you get to decide if your’re ready, willing and able to

Answer the Call…..

Wishing you an awesome 2018!


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