• Finding Spirituality, Purpose & The Courage To Lead

    So much of my leadership came forth through my spiritual journey. I became a Christian at the age of 35 after I began going to a Baptist church with my now husband. Christianity brought home this concept of us being here on this earth not to just take, but to really contribute and lead things […]

  • Who Are You Not to Do This?

    Hey Beloveds, I am so serious about you and this Ambition thing right now! So much so…that I’m took it up a notch with a special guest, and one of my most BELOVED people in the world, Gabrielle Bernstein and we went there…. Who are you NOT to be? And who are you NOT to do […]

  • Making Peace With Your Ambition – Finding The Cure For Imposter Syndrome

    There’s so much to be said about this topic because it opens up so many things for me personally and where I am right now. At the moment, I’m in this intense study of the nature of ambition and what I’m noticing in my own life and relationships as I step into this next era of […]