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Our customized coaching programs are designed to give you robust, comprehensive
support from an expert who’s been there and is dedicated to your success. You also get access to an amazing community of like minded visionaries who are passionate making a difference.


True. Paid. Good.

A 9-month coaching program designed to help you turn your passion and purpose into profit.

Program Highlights:
  • Own who you are and what you’re here to do
  • Become clear about what you bring and its value
  • Strategically turn your passion into profitability
  • Transform core limiting beliefs into acts of empowerment and self-actualization
  • Gain access to a robust community of like-minded experts and peers
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Badass Creatives Academy

A 9-month coaching program designed to help you create amazing content and bring your message to the world.

Program Highlights:
  • Create a compelling Influencer brand with real social impact
  • Leverage your creative genius to create irresistible content
  • Maximize your exposure through the right platforms and vehicles
  • Master the art of crafting a winning pitch for any concept or idea
  • Gain access to real insider knowledge and industry secrets
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Vip Coaching

Live Love Lead

An exclusive coaching program designed for high impact leaders who want to change the game.

Program Highlights:
  • Increased Energy, Creativity and Connection
  • Radical Authenticity
  • Vision-Mission-Purpose Clarity
  • High-Performance Strategy
  • Real People-Planet-Profit Impact
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$5,250 USD – Standard Pricing
$4,997 USD – Discounted Price


Payment Options*:

Single Payment – $4,997/$5,250USD
3 Monthly Installments – $1,800/mo
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