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Spirit Junkie Masterclass is…

An online 8 week course that helps you gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to live your highest purpose and make a profit as a Spirit-preneur.

During the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course Gabby will guide you to…

  • Clear the blocks that keep you from owning your purpose.
  • Build a successful spiritual business or bring your spiritual principles into your career by following my proven, practical Spiritually Aligned Action Method.
  • Strengthen your spiritual practice and experience a personal transformation with my Spiritual Deep Dive.
  • Become unapologetic about accepting your divine purpose — and EARNING for your great work.
  • Use your gifts to serve others in big and meaningful ways.
  • Write books, create products and design programs people can’t wait to buy — and attract that audience to you.
  • Gain the confidence to actually do what you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Learn how to be seen and heard with my powerful method for marketing, publicity and social media.
Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital with Gabby Bernstein - Enrollment Closes June 21st

The course is $1,999 and only available through June 21st
Is Spirit Junkie Masterclass For You?

Gabby is a game-changer for anyone seeking to jumpstart their career as a Spirit-preneur.

“Gabby is a game-changer for anyone seeking to jumpstart their career as a Spirit-preneur. Her mission is to help you unleash your higher powers so that you can build a profitable business and be a force for good.” – RHA GODDESS

Gabby Bonuses Section:
Gabby is offering $3,500 in bonuses:

Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program.I created this comprehensive program with my team of business pros. It has so many of the nuts and bolts you need when setting up a business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance info and much more. (Value: $1,300)

God Is My Publicist digital course.Demystify publicity and marketing with this awesome course for spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, writers, artists, podcasters and anyone who wants to infuse their PR or marketing work in any field with spiritual principles. (Value: $200)
Spirit Junkie Master Class Digital

Gabby Berebstein's God is my Publicist

2 live group digital trainings with Gabby!The first call will help you clarify your visions and clear the obstacles holding you back. The second will get you into action! These calls will take place in the summer. (Value: $2,000)

Lifetime access to the SJM community.This community will become an invaluable network. You can return to our private Facebook page long after you’ve taken the course to find support from and connect with like-minded Spirit Junkies. (Value: priceless!)

Rha Bonuses Section:

Gabby is offering over $3,500 in bonuses and so am I!
When you enroll in Spirit Junkie Masterclass through THIS registration page, you’ll get an additional $3,500+ in bonuses from me to help you build your business faster.



3 Success Coaching Calls With Me ($3,000)


Show Me The Money, Honey! Digital Course Bundle ($597 value)


A Private One-On-One 30 Minute Strategy Session With A Move The Crowd Coach ($350 value)

“Thank youuu Rha!! You are a magic worker.
Really. You are. I don’t know how else to say it.”



When you sign up for Spirit Junkie Masterclass, you’re going to have access to me for three weeks during the course. On these group coaching calls, I’m going to take you through my signature process for how to go from higher purpose to higher profit so that you can put everything you’re learning into ACTION out in the world. Each session will have an hour long lesson followed by a 30 min Q&A.

Success Call #1: Stay True: Answering Your Call – Your Way

We’ll start by helping you give voice to your specific and unique calling. What is it that I’m supposed to be doing? And how is that different from everyone else? You’lI learn how to identify it, give voice to it, and use it to create a profitable business on your terms.

Success Call #2: Get Paid: It’s All About The Offer, Baby!

Now that you know what you’re here to do, how do you get paid for it? I’ve helped hundreds of Spirit -preneurs achieve this. In this session, I’m gonna give you my best insider tips on how to turn your gifts into a juicy proposition that makes you irresistible to your ideal buying audience.

Success Call #3: Do Good: Taking Your Message & Movement To The World

Who are you here to serve? How will you reach them? Why should they pay attention? What are the most important things you need to do to get your message up and out into the world? You’ll learn how to prioritize which strategies are both right and ripe for you so you can grow your movement and have massive impact.

Bonus 2: Show Me The Money, Honey!
Course Bundle:

Making Peace With Making Money Mini- Course

Rha Goddess - Making Peace with Making Money

Is it okay to be spiritual and profitable?

Is it okay to care about community and be ambitious?

The challenges we face around money run deeper than just a lack of financial competency, they often stem from legacies of poverty shame, and guilt about our current circumstances, or the places we’ve come from. In this groundbreaking webinar we address the elephant in the room for many Creatives, Change Agents and Spirit-preneurs. As much as we engage capitalism as a financial system, we’ve rarely had the opportunity to address its legacy as a culture, and the implications it has on our personal ability to be the best and most profitable version of ourselves.


Change Your Mind… Grow Your Money…

Rha Goddess - Change Your Mind Grow Your Money

In this 6 Video Module training I help you release your most stubborn money struggles once and for all.

  • Transform ANY limiting conversation that stands between you and your money.
  • Create a new money context that enables you to quickly attract and receive more.
  • Discover your own money truth and achieve financial success on your own terms.
  • Learn how to attract and capitalize on awesome opportunities that align with your new money reality.
  • Understand the nature of this new economy and learn how to participate in a way that enables you to:
    • Be YOU!
    • Do what you love
    • Achieve greater financial returns
    • Have a positive impact on the world.



Make the most out of your Spirit Junkie Digital/True.Paid.Good. bonus experience by scheduling an in-depth one-on-one strategy session with one of our awesome Coaches. They’ll help give you the extra clarity and focus you need to implement your learning and take your business to the next level.

Choose ONE opportunity and/or challenge in your venture and let our expert coaches go to work on helping you arrive at the best customized strategy and solution.

“Money miracles have been showing up and I want to share and praise the energy behind it! I got asked out of the blue to do two short music gigs this week and a RANDOM check came in the mail from the US Dept of Treasury that I was not expecting. Thank you Universe (and Change Your Mind, Grow Your Money) for your creative ways of giving me the resources I need.”– MARISA IMON



Please note you’re eligible to receive my Spirit Junkie Digital Bonus gifts listed above ONLY if you register for Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital through this link, complete the course and are current on all payments. The bonuses will be released on August 6, 2018. I’m a proud affiliate partner of Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital because I have been a featured teacher in this program for the last 6 years. I may earn a referral fee by linking to Gabby’s program.