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Badass Creatives TV & Digital Edition

Digital Industry 101: Learn everything you need to know from concept to closing

Are you an early stage multimedia influencer or creative seeking distribution for TV and other major digital platforms?

The course includes five power-packed working sessions and covers everything you need to know from concept to closing. Segments include:

  • How to put together a winning treatment
  • How to shoot your sizzle reel on a tight budget
  • How to choose the right production and legal partners
  • And how to close the deal!
  • Plus bonus content from industry insiders from JLove’s personal vault

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"I wish I had this when I was first starting out. JLove brings years of knowledge that will fast track your understanding of becoming a bad @ss content creator that will leave you knowledgeable and set up for success. I love all by "Move the Crowd""

Client Brooke Emery Scharfstein, FContent Creator / Former Development Executive / Connector / Strategic Coach / Spiritual Guide, brookeemery.com

What You Get:

Five Working Sessions

The five working sessions. Each one has a video tutorial chock full of knowledge and information on how to create, produce, package, and sell your creative content.

Personal Worksheets

Downloadable tips, tools, worksheets and homework assignments with templates for each session. You’ll also get a sneak peak of confidential treatments and sizzle reels that will allow you to have real world examples of what J’s asking you to create.

By the Iconic Rapper M1

Amazing Bonus Content: Exclusive Hip-Hop Guided Meditations by the revolutionary iconic rapper M1 of Dead Prez, Interviews with masters in the industry including the incredible genius Annetta Marion who is the producer and Director of Oprah Winfrey’s Masterclass and more!

Course Schedule:

Welcome Badass Content Creators

  • Intro Video w/ JLove Calderon (8 min)
  • BadA$$ Glossary (pdf)
  • M1 Meditation on Awakening, to open you up, get you focused and centered (20 min)

Session 1: Concept Phase - Where Do I Start?

  • Intro Video: Where do I start? w/ JLove Calderon (10 min)
  • Concept worksheet (pdf)
  • M1 Meditation: Clarity (19 min)
  • Bonus: Interview: TV Digital Landscape w/ Katie Neff, VP of Development, High Noon Studios (4 min)

Session 2: Creating the Perfect Package

  • Tutorial Video: How to create the perfect package w/ JLove Calderon (5 min)
  • M1 Meditation: Energetic Flow (20 min)
  • Treatment Worksheet (pdf)
  • Sample Treatments (pdf)
  • Bonus : Interview: Treatments and the Perfect Package w/ Katie Neff, VP of Development, High Noon Studios (15 min); Attaching Talent w/ Katie Neff, VP of Development, High Noon Studios (8 min)

Session 3: Financing Your Sizzle Reel & Beyond

  • Tutorial Video: Financing your sizzle reel w/ JLove Calderon (11 min)
  • M1 Meditation: Passion How To Make a Sizzle by Phakiso Collins (pdf)
  • 3 Sizzle Reel examples (pdf)
  • Bonus: JLove Exclusive Blog: Dollar Dollar Dollar Bills, YA’LL!; Interview: The Gear and the Tech w/ Dustin Carpenter, Media Generalist, Entoo Inc. (30 min)

Session 4: The Pitch

  • Tutorial Video: Pitch meetings and how to rock it! w/ JLove Calderon (12:30 min)
  • M1 Meditation: Courage (22 min)
  • Tips from Investor Natalie Irby (pdf)
  • Interview: Mistakes to Avoid w/ Katie Neff, VP of Development, High Noon Studios (3 min)
  • Bonus: How To Pitch webinar (60 min); Live webcast w/ Annetta Marion, Director of Oprah's Masterclass (60 min)

Session 5: The Offer (Closing the Deal)

  • Tutorial Video: The Offer w/ JLove Calderon (5 min)
  • M1 Meditation Unity (20 min)

Meet Our Coaches:

JLove Calderón


Senior Coach + Trainer

JLove is an award winning activist, author, coach with over two decades of experience. She is also a creator, producer and director of TV and Film. Helping personal brands create compelling content and tell amazing stories is at the heart of her work.

Areas of Expertise: TV / Film/ Digital Content; Literary Coaching; Deal Making; The Art of Pitching & Closing; How to become an Influencer; Social, gender, and racial justice activism; Building a strong business foundation

Digital Industry 101: Learn everything you need to know from concept to closing

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