Change Your Mind, Grow Your Money

Experience the teachings that have transformed the lives and visions of hundreds of conscious business owners.

Overcome Your Mental Blocks Surrounding Money, Create Bigger Impact and Live a Life Where You Truly Thrive!

"My desire is to help you get FREE from your scarcity mindset so that you can realize your unique contribution to the world and live an inspiring and prosperous life in the process."

Client Rha Goddess, Founder & CEO of Move The Crowd


Stop Struggling Around Money Once And For All!

Hi, I’m Rha Goddess and I am the Founder and CEO of Move The Crowd.

Move The Crowd is an entrepreneurial training company dedicated to teaching people how to Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good.

We serve purpose driven game changers from a variety of sectors who are re-defining their “work” as a vehicle for creative expression, financial freedom and societal transformation.

One of the biggest obstacles surrounds the “Get Paid” part of our mission.

Money brings up so many complicated emotions among those who are motivated to do good.

“Can I be spiritual and profitable at the same time?”

“Is it possible to be ambitious financially and still be invested in the well being of my community?”

“Is it wrong to want more than just my basic needs when so many other people are struggling?”

I’ve experienced these questions many times- both from my clients and from myself.

But when you acknowledge that your poverty is not contributing to anything and in reality is hindering your ability to better serve the people you feel called to serve, you must do the work to unlearn this damaging mentality.

That is why I created “Change Your Mind, Grow Your Money”.

“So, what is Change Your Mind, Grow Your Money?”

It is my gift to help people achieve massive success by marrying passion and purpose with profit.

The methodology behind “Change Your Mind, Grow Your Mind” transformed my own money reality and helped me to build a profitable, mission driven business. It helped me to leave my starving artist identity behind forever and embrace my role as a sustainable revolutionary.

This program will give you access to the same teachings I have used with my high end clients who’ve achieved multiple six and seven figure success while making a tangible difference in the world.

For the first time ever, I’m offering these powerful lessons to those outside of my inner circle coaching clients.

Because we are always looking to improve the way we serve our MTC community, we want to run a specially selected pilot group before we open the program to the public.

As a thank you for your assistance, we are offering this program at a discounted rate in exchange for your feedback!

You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to work with me at a fraction of my usual coaching fees.

The pilot program is only available to a select number of participants.

You must submit an application and conduct a phone interview with a Move The Crowd staff member to be considered.


What’s Included:

  • 6 LIVE Webinar Sessions with Me & Program Participants
  • Downloadable Tips, Templates, & Tools
  • Weekly Live Chat Q&A
  • Private Dedicated Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Facebook Live Videos
  • Change Your Mind Grow Your Money Bibliography
  • 10 Must Have Money Mantras
  • 6 Guided Grow Your Money Meditations
  • …..And More!

A Sneak Peek At The “Change Your Mind, Grow Your Money” Curriculum

Over the 6 weeks of the program, you will work with your specially selected cohort in the following topics:

Awareness – You can’t shift it until you can see it. I’ll teach you how creation works and walk you through a radical process for identifying your Greatest Money Hits and transforming them from impediments into rocket fuel.

Acceptance – Ay! I’ll show you why most people get stuck here! And demonstrate in real time the profound difference between “having issues” around money and being free. This nuanced insight will be a game changer.

Forgiveness – Shame, shame, go away! On a scale of 1-10 how forgiving are you? We’ll find out and give you a practical guide to enable you to set the course for greater financial freedom and true liberation.

New Vision – I’ll walk you step by step through the process of creating a new internal dialogue that will radically transform your money reality once and for all.

Aligned Right Action – I’ll show you how to take actions that are consistent with your new beliefs and how these actions set the stage for your ability to attract and achieve greater prosperity.

Celebration – This is one of the most neglected practices in any transformational process. I’m going to show you why people quit and help you set a foundation that will enable you to stay motivated as you shift your money reality.

Is Change Your Mind, Grow Your Money Right For You?

  • If you have a bold vision for what you want to create in the world and are serious about leaving your scarcity mentality behind….
  • If you feel passionate about making a difference in the world and having a viable, tangible impact on the lives of others….
  • If you are willing to challenge yourself and let go of what you thought was true about money….
  • If you’re ready to call in and receive more, (money, exciting opportunities, high impact relationships, and more….)
  • If you’re ready to define and achieve success on your own terms….
  • If you’re ready to take charge of your finances once and for all and create a vibrant personal economy that works for you….
  • If you’re ready to invest in yourself and take your venture, initiative and or dream to the next level….

Then this is the right program to let go of scarcity and live a life of true abundance!

It is our belief that if you can be supported in your vision, your mission and your purpose, success is inevitable.

Let me guide you if you’re ready to move beyond your fear of money and embrace a new definition of success.

Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to help build an amazing program and help grow your grow your mind!

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If you’re a multi-6 or 7+ figure celebrity brand, global change agent, or next generation mogul then this intimate, advanced coaching opportunity may be for you. To inquire about working with Rha please complete the form below.

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