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Change Your Mind, Grow Your Money

Can you care about the world and be ambitious? Can you be spiritual and wildly profitable?Can you operate with integrity and command massive resources?

This 6 week game changing course teaches you step by step how to:

  • Transform ANY limiting conversation that stands between you and your money – Identify the primary conversations that hold you back when it comes to making money and eliminate them once and for all.
  • Create a new money foundation that helps you quickly attract and receive more – Learn how to develop a money mindset that makes you a magnet for greater financial resources.
  • Discover your money truth and achieve financial success on your own terms – Create a vision for greater wealth that actually aligns with what is true for you.
  • Understand the nature of this new economy – Learn how to participate in a way that enables you to:
    • Be YOU!
    • do what you love
    • achieve greater financial returns
    • have a positive impact on the world

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"Thank youuu Rha!! You are a magic worker. Really. You are. I don’t know how else to say it."

Client Heather Box, CEO, The Million Person Project

"Money miracles have been showing up and I want to share and praise the energy behind it! I got asked out of the blue to do two short music gigs this week and a RANDOM check came in the mail from the US Dept of Treasury that I was not expecting. Thank you Universe (and Change Your Mind, Grow Your Money) for your creative ways of giving me the resources I need."

Client Marisa Imon

What You Get:

Convenient Video Sessions

In this 6 session series you’ll identify and transform your greatest money challenges, cultivate a new money outlook, and learn how to attract and capitalize on opportunities that align with your passion, purpose, and profit.

At the end, you’ll have a new values aligned approach to making money that you can put to use right away.

*each session takes about 90 mins to complete

Personal Worksheets

We provide tips, tools and templates with each session to help you apply the concepts you’ve learned to your own venture. You’ll also gain access to FAQs that strengthen your learning and support the execution of your money making strategy.


Bonus Content:
• Change Your Mind Grow Your Money Bibliography
• 10 Must Have Money Mantras
• 6 Guided Grow Your Money Meditations

Limited time only: For an additional $197 – join two Live Q&A Calls w/ Rha! Ask your most challenging money questions and participate in money makeover hotseats!
(normally priced at $1,000/session)

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Course Schedule:

Week #1: Awareness

You can’t shift it until you can see it. We’ll teach you how creation works and walk you through a radical process for identifying your Greatest Money Hits and transforming them from impediments into rocket fuel.

Week #2: Acceptance

Ay! We’ll show you why most people get stuck here! And demonstrate in real time the profound difference between “having issues” around money and being free. This nuanced insight will be a game changer.

Week #3: Forgiveness

Shame, shame, go away! On a scale of 1-10 how forgiving are you? We’ll find out and give you a practical guide to enable you to set the course for greater financial freedom and true liberation.

Week #4: New Vision

We’ll walk you step by step through the process of creating a new internal dialogue that will radically transform your money reality once and for all.

Week #5: Aligned Right Action

We’ll show you how to take actions that are consistent with your new beliefs and how these actions set the stage for your ability to attract and achieve greater prosperity.

Week #6: Celebration

This is one of the most neglected practices in any transformational process. I’m going to show you why people quit and help you set a foundation that will enable you to stay motivated as you shift your money reality.

Meet Rha Goddess:

For over 30 years, Rha Goddess has leveraged creative and cultural strategies to drive social impact in the areas of social justice, women's empowerment, electoral politics, and more.

Now, as CEO of Move the Crowd, Rha has developed a unique methodology to empower thousands of changemakers who in turn, have improved millions of lives. From New York Times bestsellers to multimillion-dollar social enterprises, the entrepreneurs Rha works with learn how to stay true, get paid, and do good.

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