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Welcome High Performance Family!

It was such an honor to be with you in Phoenix. High Performance Academy was amazing! still riding high from our time together.:) Some of you may be wondering, how did I get on Brendon’s stage? On September 5th, I made a promise to Brendon that I would mentor 100 women from his community. Like Brendon, I know that we are living in a time where more people need to step into their life’s calling and purpose. As you know from my personal story, it’s easier said than done! My mission is to champion the passion and dreams of those who are ready to answer the call and go to the next level of living, loving and leading in their lives and in the world. (Is that you?)

You can find your calling, become wildly profitable, and transform the world.

Are you ready to find out how?

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Live.Love.Lead. Mastermind Program. This 9 month, multi-level coaching and mentoring program is designed to take you from dreaming about touching the lives of others and making a massive difference to actually bringing your mission and message to the world in a way that’s highly profitable and totally authentic to who you are.

If you’re ready to get out of your head and step into your highest and most fulfilling contribution then this mastermind may be for you!


Level I – Virtual Group Coaching Series

This level includes one (90 min) monthly group coaching call with a combination of training sessions, Q&A, and coaching “hot seats.”

Topical areas include: vision, brand, mission, model and strategy. Access to the Mastermind Member area with additional tools, templates, and downloadable worksheets drawn from our sessions. Bonus interviews with major influencers on finding their passion, purpose and profit. Monthly guided meditations drawn from key session topics and much more.

Only 100 Slots Available Price: $5,000 (Advance) OR $875 (6 monthly installments )

Level II – Level I + (3) Full Day Quarterly Retreats

This level includes all of the benefits incorporated in Level 1 in addition to three day long in person mastermind events held by the water in sunny southern California. These hands on, in depth learning days will be intentionally curated to support quantum leaps in your personal and professional goals. Activities will be multi-faceted and highly interactive. There will be phenomenal “hot seats”, entrepreneurial makeovers and “outside the box” surprise experiences.

Only 15 Slots Available Price: $15,000 USD OR $5,250 (3 monthly installments)

Level III – Level II + One-On-One Customized Coaching

This level includes all of the benefits incorporated in Level 1 & 2 in addition to your own private customized coaching program. You’ll work one on one with me and key members of my team to develop and deliver on goals in the areas of personal growth, leadership development and high level business strategy.

Only 7 Slots Available Price: starts at $27,750 USD

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High Performance Living = I am living a life that reflects the values, principles and convictions that matter to me. I honor and recognize that I am changing and evolving every single day. I am checking in on a regular basis. I am affirming what still resonates for me and and releasing what does not.

High Performance Loving = I am fully expressed – sharing my unique combination of talents, gifts and abilities in a way that aligns with my highest contribution. I am innovating, pushing the boundaries on what is possible for me and for everyone I touch. I am giving my all. I am loving with my whole heart.

High Performance Leading = I am standing in a firm commitment to be a part of what’s good right, and positive in the world. I take my place as an empowered citizen. I leverage my gifts towards the most pressing opportunities and challenges in the world. I move the needle on what matters most.

I am masterful at unleashing people in service to their most authentic selves and in honor of the highest contribution they are here to make. From #1 NY Times Bestselling Authors to multi-million dollar social enterprises, my innovative, whole self approach has helped birth a whole new generation of purpose driven game changers. Will you be next?

If you have a deep desire to build a profitable venture that touches the lives of millions of people then this Mentoring Mastermind may be for you.

I look forward to learning more about you and exploring together if this opportunity is aligned for us to work together.

Big Hug,


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