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Welcome High Performance Family!

It was such an honor to be with you in Phoenix. High Performance Academy was amazing! still riding high from our time together.:) Some of you may be wondering, how did I get on Brendon’s stage? On September 5th, I made a promise to Brendon that I would mentor 100 women from his community. Like Brendon, I know that we are living in a time where more people need to step into their life’s calling and purpose. As you know from my personal story, it’s easier said than done! My mission is to champion the passion and dreams of those who are ready to answer the call and go to the next level of living, loving and leading in their lives and in the world. (Is that you?)

You can find your calling, become wildly profitable, and transform the world.

Are you ready to find out how?

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Live.Love.Lead. Mastermind Program. This 9 month, multi-level coaching and mentoring program is designed to take you from dreaming about touching the lives of others and making a massive difference to actually bringing your mission and message to the world in a way that’s highly profitable and totally authentic to who you are.

If you’re ready to get out of your head and step into your highest and most fulfilling contribution then this mastermind may be for you!

Level I – Virtual Group Coaching Series

The Live.Love.Lead. Virtual Mastermind is a highly interactive program designed to help you:

  1. create a compelling vision for your life and your work,
  2. develop, strengthen and monetize your unique proposition to the marketplace and
  3. bring your message, mission and movement to the world in a way that is totally aligned with your values and desired impact.

With the support of this intimate community of practice, you’ll develop the confidence and commitment to ignite your vision and exponentially grow your profitability and impact.

What You Get: Level 1

  • Kickoff Call With Setup Of Your 90 Day Action Plan
  • (3) 120 Min Monthly Calls – Power Packed Teaching w/ Hot Seats and Q&A
  • Access to My Private Dialogues With Other Live.Love.Lead. Influencers
  • Access to Digital Course Your Plan For Success to Set Up Your 90 Day Action Plan
  • Monthly Customized Binaural Meditations on Specific Themes Related to Our Work
  • Monthly HW Assignments to Get You On The Court With Everything You Are Learning

Curriculum Outline:

LIVE: Objective; set a new foundation for your life and work – aligning your day to day reality with your deepest values and aspirations.

  • Building the muscle of greater awareness and responsibility
  • Owning the next level of conscious creation & manifestation
  • Getting honest about who they are & want to be
  • Getting explicitly clear about where the gap is & doing the work to close it
  • Having structures, strategies, tasks, and practices that support your transformation

LOVE: Objective; identify your most compelling value proposition – getting clear about what you have to offer to the marketplace and mapping the pathway to monetization.

  • Identifying your core offering
  • Getting crystal on the unique proposition or innovation & how to monetize it
  • Getting clear about your primary audience
  • Getting clear about what differentiates you

LEAD: Objective: identify your unique mission, message and desired impact – developing the strategy that takes you to the front lines of your vision for your life and for the world.

  • Getting clear about your mission, message, and movement
  • Developing the strategy that raises your platform & increases your exposure
  • Creating relationships & infrastructure to engage on a higher level
  • Creating the mechanisms to measure TBL impact – people, planet , profit.


Who Is This Right For:

  • If you have a vision for your life and your work and you know that NOW is your time!
  • If you are deeply passionate about sharing your gifts and making a difference in the lives of others.
  • If you are looking to build your confidence and you want to be inspired and challenged as you learn.
  • If you want a space where its all about you – where you get to focus on your goals, dreams and aspirations.
  • If you want to be encouraged to be bold and unapologetic about making lots of money.
  • If you want to be seen, heard and known for your impact.
  • If you want an awesome quality of life and work – freedom, family, kids, vaca, time off, etc.
  • If you want to feel totally met and held as you’re building- in your badassness and in your vulnerability.
  • If you want to build authentic connections with other awesome women just like you.

Then this Mastermind is for you!

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High Performance Living = I am living a life that reflects the values, principles and convictions that matter to me. I honor and recognize that I am changing and evolving every single day. I am checking in on a regular basis. I am affirming what still resonates for me and and releasing what does not.

High Performance Loving = I am fully expressed – sharing my unique combination of talents, gifts and abilities in a way that aligns with my highest contribution. I am innovating, pushing the boundaries on what is possible for me and for everyone I touch. I am giving my all. I am loving with my whole heart.

High Performance Leading = I am standing in a firm commitment to be a part of what’s good right, and positive in the world. I take my place as an empowered citizen. I leverage my gifts towards the most pressing opportunities and challenges in the world. I move the needle on what matters most.

I am masterful at unleashing people in service to their most authentic selves and in honor of the highest contribution they are here to make. From #1 NY Times Bestselling Authors to multi-million dollar social enterprises, my innovative, whole self approach has helped birth a whole new generation of purpose driven game changers. Will you be next?

If you have a deep desire to build a profitable venture that touches the lives of millions of people then this Mentoring Mastermind may be for you.

I look forward to learning more about you and exploring together if this opportunity is aligned for us to work together.

Big Hug,


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Meet Gabby
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Spiritual Teacher

"Rha Goddess guided me at the most crucial part of my career. Her coaching set the stage for me to become the teacher, author and woman I am today. Rha is my mentor, my sister and my dear friend. I recommend Rha's work to anyone who is ready to go big and amplify every corner of their life.” Gabby Bernstein."

Meet Reshma
NY Times Bestselling Author and CEO & Founder, Girls Who Code

"Working with Rha has transformed me. It has helped me take my organization to the next level and helped me grow as a leader and change agent, which helps me and my team build this movement for gender parity."

Meet Amanda
Founder & CEO DailyWorth and Worth FM

"In 2008, I attended a workshop on "women and money" led by Rha Goddess and Lea Endres. We know what happened next -- without this workshop, DW would never have been. Rha's my oracle and I cherish every minute I have with her."

Meet Claudia
Founder of S.H.E. Summit and author of This Is How We Rise

"There are few people in the world that can get to know your soul, understand the massive impact you want to make in the world, and advise you on how to get there with business and social impact expertise. Rha is one of these rare, exceptional humans, and I cherish my past experiences of working with her."